Home Repair Program


The purpose of this program is to help working families maintain their homes and keep their community thriving. This program offers needed home maintenance and repair to existing home owners who meet income eligibility guidelines. This can include critical home repair, preservation and weatherization. 


Critical Home Repair: 

Interior or exterior work performed to alleviate critical health, life and safety issues or code violations.  

 Projects can include:

  • accessibility modifications like ramps, lever handles, door modifications
  • plumbing,electrical and mechanical extensions or installations
  • roof and porch repair



Interior or exterior work to an existing home based on an energy audit and a resulting defined scope of work. Improvements focus on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and comfort.

Projects can include:

  • insulation, caulking, weather stripping, windows
  • energy efficient toilets, low flow water fixtures
  • mechanical system components and appliances


Home Preservation:

Exterior work including replacement of materials for the purpose of maintaining good or sound condition.  

Projects can include:

  • siding repair and painting
  • driveway and sidewalk repair
  • landscaping and tree trimming


This program works with low-income homeowners who are in need of a safe way to get in and out of their home. These ramps are leased to the homeowner at a small fee based on their income. The ramps are metal and can be relocated when there is no longer a need for them.

Habitat for Humanity NCI Partners with NIACOG and Elderbridge Agency on Aging for the Modular Handicapped Ramp Program


 We offer these programs so that 

  • Families can live in safe and well-maintained homes.
  • Neighborhoods are revitalized.
  • Community connections are made.
  • Affordable housing inventory is preserved.
  • Homeowners can get in and out of their homes safely with the lease of a modular ramp.

 Our focus is primarily on neighborhood beautification. Volunteer teams work to improve the condition of homes by painting, landscaping, and performing minor exterior repairs at minimal costs to homeowners who would be unable to complete their home repairs on their own. Able-bodied homeowners are encouraged to work alongside volunteers in a cooperative effort.



How it works

Labor is offered at no cost to the homeowners. Materials are paid for by the homeowner through a 0% interest loan. The scope of work is defined by AHRP and agreed on by both parties before the work begins. Habitat for Humanity is a ‘Hand Up, not a Hand Out’. Most of the repair work will be done with volunteer labor, but Partner Families are expected to assist with Sweat Equity and the cost of materials. As with all Habitat builds, projects will be approved based on need, willingness to partner and ability to pay. Availability of volunteers and resources will also affect the selection and time frame of projects. 



Am I Eligible?

A Home Repair & Handicapped Ramp Programs partner with low-income homeowners based on need and the scope of the work.

Program Requirements:

  • Applicants must live in our service area: Cerro Gordo, Franklin, Hancock, Winnebago, Worth and Wright counties.
  • Applicants must have proof of ownership for their homes.
  • Applicants must have homeowners insurance.
  • Applicants must be legal American residents.
  • Applicants must meet income guidelines within established 20-60% median income range. (see chart below) 

  Family Size               Minimum Income       Maximum Income

























 Guidelines for 2018


To Apply

If you feel that you may qualify for our Home Repair Program,please contact our office at (641) 424-8978 for an application.


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